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Podcast With Tom Devlin and the Monster Museum

Our guest this week is Tom Devlin, the proprietor of the Monster Museum on Boulder City Parkway. Having just completed a very busy Halloween season, Devlin is onto the holiday season where they are featured in the Christmas Parade. Devlin has a unique entertainment history, having worked on over 100 feature films as a special makeup effects artist and is famous for creating some of the most iconic monsters ever to hit the screen. His Monster Museum has become a favorite stop for tourists to Boulder City and he’s making his own films on that site. The museum is much more than just a scary adventure, however. It’s a tribute to the makeup craft which is in danger of becoming extinct with the advancement of CGI graphics in movies. He spoke with BC Podcast host Roger Gros in November.

Podcast with Boulder City’s Own Lexi Lagan, Olympic Athlete in Shooting Competition

Boulder City’s own Lexi Lagan recently won two medals at the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile. She sits down with Boulder City Podcast host Roger Gros to talk about her career and her future aspirations.

Podcast With Roger Hall, Director of Parks and Recreation, City of Boulder City

It’s not unusual to work for the same organization for a decade or two. Many people do that but when you hit four decades and counting, now that is an accomplishment. Roger Hall has been working in the parks and recreation department for Boulder City for over 46 years and recently announced his retirement. The Boulder City Podcast caught up with Roger to talk about his career serving the city. There are few people who have made such an amazing impact on the city from building Veterans Memorial Park to making Hemenway Park a focus of attention for all lovers of the Big Horn Sheep that live in our town. He sat down with Boulder City Podcast host Roger Gros for a wide ranging discussion about his career and what’s next for Roger Hall.

Podcast With Mayor Joe Hardy

This week’s podcast features an interview with Mayor Joe Hardy, who has been in office for a little over a year. Unlike the previous administration, Hardy seems to get along well with all the other members of council and has worked toward consensus rather than confrontation. After more than 20 years in the state legislature, Hardy has been able to use his connections in Carson City for the betterment of the town. But Hardy is well aware that politics are never easy and has begun to prepare for the next election even though it is almost three years away. He spoke with host Roger Gros in City Hall in late August.

Podcast With Adam Stetson, Pastor, Christ Lutheran Church

Sometimes a tragedy can result in something good, and that’s what Adam Stetson, the pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in Boulder City, is trying to accomplish. Adam and his wife Jessica discovered that their son Zechariah had a terminal diagnosis that resulted in his death just three days after his birth. But since they learned that Zechariah had this issue before he was born, they began reading to him while he was in the womb and for the three days of his life. This has resulted in a program called “Reading to Z,” which is affiliated with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, and provides books to children up to five years of age. The Imagination Library is worldwide, but Reading to Z is focused on Boulder City. Adam talks about this program and how it has been received, as well as his faith and his journey with Christ. He spoke with Boulder City Podcast host Roger Gros in August.

Podcast with Dr. Christina Vela, the CEO of St. Jude’s Ranch for Children

Anyone who has driven by St. Jude’s Ranch for Children on the lakeside of Boulder City has seen major construction work under way on 10 acres on the southside of the facility. Dr. Christina Vela, the CEO of St. Jude’s Ranch, explains what’s going on there with the creation of the Healing Center, a first-of-its-kind facility that will address the treatment of victims of sex trafficking. Dr. Vela also explains how St. Jude’s Ranch for Children currently operates and how the Healing Center will be different but serve the same original goals of St. Jude’s Ranch as it celebrates its 57th anniversary in 2023. Vela reveals little known facts about the Ranch including services offered in its Chapel and the fact that there is no connection with the famous St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, when she spoke with Boulder City Podcast host Roger Gros at her office at St. Jude’s Ranch for Children in early August.

Podcast with Miss Nevada, Taylor Blatchford

In this episode,  we’re joined by Miss Nevada, Taylor Blatchford. A lifetime Boulder City resident, Taylor won the title of Miss Nevada in Lake Tahoe last month and will compete in the Miss America Pageant this winter. She’s a longtime fan of beauty pageants and won the title in her most recent event. Her talent is amazing and she can make a violin sing like an angel. And her community service initiative hits home as Text 2 Regret focuses on helping teens understand the implications of online posts, the dangers of excessive screen time and the reality of the online world. She spoke with me at the Boulder City Podcast offices in July.


Podcast With Li Schieff And Hava Brown of the Dam Short Film Festival

Welcome to the Boulder City Podcast. Today we’re joined by Li Schieff And Hava Brown, board members and on the staff of the Dam Short Film Festival, which is being held in Boulder City February 16-20. This is the 19th edition of the festival, despite going virtual during the pandemic, it’s back in person for the first time since 2020. Logistics are a little different this year with the screenings being held at the Elaine K. Smith Center on Wyoming, but with mixers and the awards ceremony being held at various places around the town. They explain what it has taken to get the festival on its feet again and why the DSFF is considered to be in the top 1 percent of the more than 9,000 film festivals around the world. They spoke with host Roger Gros from the Dam Short Film Festival offices at the Boulder Dam Hotel.

Podcast With Taylour Tedder, City Manager, Boulder City

Our guest this week is Taylour Tedder who was appointed as the city manager almost 18 months ago now and brings experience and professionalism to the job. Now that there is an entirely new city council, which had no input on his hiring, he describes how he’s getting the council members and new mayor ready for their new positions while understanding the role he plays as city manager. He talks about some of the challenges and opportunities facing Boulder City in the next few years and how he is increasing the communication between city government and the citizens.

Podcast With Gary Baldwin, Founder & CEO, Elite RV Resorts

This week’s podcast features Gary Baldwin, the founder and CEO of Elite RV Resorts, which has submitted plans for an RV resort—not a park—on land surrounding the Boulder Creek Golf Course. The project will bring more upscale folks to town in expensive RVs to take advantage of all BC has to offer. But there are some concerns in the community and Baldwin addresses them all.