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Tyson Smith, Owner, Boulder City Mortuary

The funeral industry in Boulder City started when work on Hoover Dam got under way in the 1920s, and, along with the original hospital, was, unfortunately, a growth industry during that time. Funerals in Boulder City today are handled by the Boulder City Mortuary, and  once again it’s a growth industry. The owner of the business since 2010, Tyson Smith, needs to relocate in order to keep up with the increased demand by moving to a larger location, but has met roadblocks in that process. His preferred location, 1404 Colorado (below), is zoned C-1, a designation that does not permit a mortuary business. But by following the guidelines he believes is appropriate, he’s received mixed responses by both the Planning Commission and City Council in an attempt to be zoning compliant. Now, he’s headed back to City Council and is concerned that the members of council and the residents of Boulder City understand his reasoning. Smith explains how his business works, why it  generally a benign business, and why it’s an important part of the Boulder City community. He sat down with Boulder City Podcast host Roger Gros at his offices on Nevada Way in November.