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Nevada's most interesting small town


Tim Brooks, Co-owner and CEO, Emerald Island Casino and the Rainbow Club

Downtown Henderson is growing quickly. Sometimes known as “Old Henderson,” the area includes the Henderson City Hall and government complex, several casinos including the Pass, which is owned by Joe DeSimone, who also owns the Railroad Pass Casino Hotel, and the new practice facility for the Henderson Silver Knights of the American Hockey League. When Tim and Mike Brooks bought the Emerald Island Casino, it was another infusion of new ownership for the area. Two years ago, the brothers also acquired the Rainbow Club casino, immediately adjacent to Emerald Island. Small casinos were particularly hard hit by the pandemic and the Brooks brothers’ properties were no exception. Tim Brooks, who is the CEO of the two properties, explains what it took to survive the pandemic and how they’re faring now that the pandemic is winding down. He talks about his background, what brought him to Henderson, and how he’s planning for the future in the booming downtown area. He spoke Boulder City Podcast host Roger Gros at his offices in Emerald Island Casino in October.