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Podcast With Daniel Patterson, Candidate, City Council of Boulder City

Today we conclude our series of interviews with the candidates for elected office in Boulder City for the primary election in early June. The positions being contested are 1) the Justice of the Peace, replacing Judge Victor Miller, who is not running for re-election, and 2) two positions on City Council. There are several other candidates for both positions, but they didn’t respond to our offer to do a podcast with them. You can see their experience with public service and where they stand on the issues at the Boulder City website, and click on the elections tab.

Today, we sit down with a candidate for City Council, Dan Patterson. His podcast took a rather strange twist after it was recorded. Several city residents posted news that Patterson had been a member of the legislature in Arizona but resigned shortly before he was to judged by the rest of the Arizona House of Representative for Ethics violations. He never mentioned that he had experience with elected office during the podcast. But as a resident of Boulder City, he certainly has a right to run for council. Now it’s up to the voters to determine if he was transparent enough during this interview. He  spoke with BC Podcast host Roger Gros at the podcast office in Boulder City in April.