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Podcast With Council Candidate Paul Bageman

The Boulder City Podcast and Boulder City Social have joined forces to present a series of podcasts with candidates for the City Council of Boulder City. In light of the lack of public forums during the pandemic, we hope that these podcasts will help voters meet the candidates, understand their views and opinions, and guide their votes in the upcoming election on April 6. If no one achieves 50 percent of the vote on April 6, the top four vote getters will be involved in a runoff in June.

Paul Bageman has been a permanent resident of Boulder City since 2017. He’s a veteran of the U.S. Navy and has been involved in commercial aviation for over 20 years. His impetus for running for the City Council of Boulder City has been the discord he feels that the council endures and believes his independent voice will help the city get back on an even keel and consider the important things in town—the welfare of the residents, the concentration on slow growth, support of small business and the respect for the historical buildings in the city.